Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Top 5 online shopping sites in India

Happy Dushara to all my readers. In our Indian culture, we are very fascinate about the festival be it Holi Rakhi, Diwali or Dushara. In all these festival we celebrate like a marriage, buy new clothes, prepare delicious food, gifts for our near and dear ones collectively enjoy with them. Despite of all these things we had never care about our pockets hadn’t kept an eye or budgets too. So on this Diwali make sure you manage your pocket despite of all the shoppings. Don’t be afraid that you can’t buy expensive things because you can. Right now the biggest question is “How” very simple go with online shopping. There are various discounts available during festive season and great offer and deals too. Check it out below:

Flipkart is one of the best online shopping sites. Initially, flipkart started with a online book store but now you can find here various offer like best offer on electronics, clothes, footwear and household things. In the present era flipkart is the largest E-commerce company of India.

Amazon is the largest E-commerce sites in the world and also provides services in India with an Indian portal thereby creating best online market here.

Jabong is the fashion and lifestyle e-commerce portal, which is selling men and women apparel, footwear, fashion accessories, beauty products and fragrances including home accessories.

Snapdeal is the first and largest online market in India which is offering best deal on products and free shipping.

Myntra is also life-style and fashion related e-commerce company in India. In May 2014, flipkart merged with myntra, to become best competitor against Amazon.
Hope this article will help you. If you want to share with me some online shopping experience, do comments below.

Hope this article will help you. If you want to share with me some online shopping insight, do write to me.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Best 2014 spring color for women’s

Yellow is cheeriest color, it is bursts with brightness and liveliness. Yellow have some qualities too like it's inspire creativity. Traditionally, people have had the misconception that yellow was a difficult color to pull off successfully, but in recent years the color has been a runway and retail favorite. By wearing yellow, you're saying that you're positive and full of potential. No wonder it's become so popular.

Like blue, green is a calming color, especially when it's a shade similar to those in nature. But while blue conveys hard work, green is associated with money and success. The color is dominant in classic and traditionalist fashion, and wearing green says you're determined and ready to succeed.

Most of the girls have favorite color is blue. It's also one of the most standard colors in fashion world. Another reason might be that the color blue creates a feeling of harmony and stillness. It's also a color that denotes hard work and devotion (thus the phrase "true blue"), making it a good color to wear for job interviews. And some time office manager wears his blue jeans and blue chambray shirt, you know he's ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work.
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Monday, 31 March 2014

Five important tips to tap the Fashion

Every person love to be fashionable.  That’s why people follow fashion tips or suggestion to keep them updated with the latest trends. No binding for any age group & maintained their self-according to their interest & become a point of attraction. But generally people don’t have the idea, how to look fashionable. Flouting trends never make a person fashionable or stylish. Most important is what to wear, how to wear, what accessories should be in combination with them. Fashion is all about your look, comfort, dressing style & the way to present it. Let me show you some important tips that will surly help you.
First :- Let’s start with the attire. Never choose a dress in which you don’t feel comfortable  if not it results in dreariness choose a trend as per your comfort.

Second :- Sometime it is difficult to find right accessories that will be up to the mark with your outfit.  Wearing wrong accessories may be down your style statement. It completes your look, If you wear right accessories with the dress. If you are going to wear grand dress, minimize the jewelry. Use heavy accessories with sober outfit to have a gorgeous look.

Third :- Always use dark color to hide your obesity and were light colors to look healthy. To make you look height-ed use dress having lines.

Fourth :- Now a days Clutches & bags are in fashion. People use to have color combination according to their outfit. But be aware, use small bags, Purse & Clutches as per your height, too long will be another reason to spoil your look.

Fifth :- Now come to the last but not the least, people use to say “footwear show the personality of the person”. And that’s true. So be alert while choosing right footwear that suits your personality along with your dress.